Panopto Record Now

Record Now allows users of a capture-equipped classroom to instantly record outside of regularly-scheduled course time.  The completed recording automatically uploads to Panopto.

Note: For Fall 2021, Panopto Record Now can also be utilized to preview, pause and stop a scheduled recording. Refer to the “To Monitor, Pause and Stop a Recording” heading below.

To Start a Recording

  • Power on the A/V system in the classroom, and log into the lectern PC.
  • Double-click the “Panopto Record Now” icon on the desktop of the lectern PC, and log in using your unity credentials.


  • A preview of the camera will be shown, along with a histogram of audio levels.
  • Scroll down to preview the content.
  • To begin a recording, first, click “Options” in the bottom right (circled).


  • Check each of the available options:
    • Duration: Click on the time in the bottom left (circled in the following image) to set the anticipated duration of the recording.
      • After this time elapses, the recording will automatically stop.
      • The default is 30 minutes and the max is 3 hours.
      • Should a recording fail to start, a scheduled recording may interfere  — try a shorter duration.
    • Session Name: The recording title that will appear after publishing to Panopto.
      • The default is in the format “[Recorder Name] [Date] [Time]”.
    • Session Folder: Double-check the selected folder is the expected/correct location within Panopto.
      • A course folder may be selected if desired.
      • If in doubt, select “My Folder”.
    • Webcast: Check to enable a live stream of the recording.
      • To get a link to the live stream, login to Panopto after starting the recording, select “In Progress”, then “Share” on the specific recording.


  • Finally, press the red circle to begin recording.

To Monitor, Pause and Stop a Recording

  • Once a recording has begun, the duration remaining will be displayed on the bottom left timer.
    • Additionally, the camera, content, and audio previews will continue to update every few seconds.


  • To pause the recording, press the pause button. A play button will appear in place of the pause button, indicating the recording is paused. To resume, press the play button.
  • To stop the recording early, press the red square.
    • Note: No confirmation is provided, and the recording will immediately stop.

To Access the Recording via Panopto

  • Log into Panopto.
  • The recording should appear in the above-selected folder, or the course folder for scheduled sessions.
    • Note: It may take some time to fully process the recording, especially for longer recordings.
  • Click Share on the recording to change access permissions, and to get a link to share with others.
  • For any issues locating or sharing the recording, contact DELTA LearnTech.
  • For any issues with the recording audio or video, contact OIT ClassTech.