Clickers FAQ

Q: Can I use ResponseWare and normal clickers simultaneously?

A: Yes; there is no conflict when having students respond via ResponseWare and the physical clickers

Q: What is ResponseWare?

A: For more information about ResponseWare, please navigate to

Q: How do I obtain the Turning Technologies software for clickers?

A: Free downloads are available at the OIT Software Site.

Q: I’m a student, where do I get the clicker that is required for my class?

A:  The Turning ResponseCard NXT clickers are available for purchase from the NC State Bookstore and may be available at other textbook sellers around campus. If you have a smartphone, see if your professor will be using Responseware. If so, you can purchase a Responseware license instead of a clicker.

Q: I’m a faculty member and want to use this technology in my class.

A: Turning Technologies will provide a faculty startup kit to each faculty member that is adopting this technology in their classrooms. The kit includes the clicker pad and a receiver.  Please contact Ron Bradley for more information.

Q: TurningPoint keeps crashing in the middle of a slide show, what should I do?

A: To fix this error simply turn off PowerPoint’s autosave feature.

Click the Microsoft Icon at the top left

Click “PowerPoint Options at the bottom right of the window

Click “Save” on the lefthand side of the menu

Disable the “Save AutoRecover information every __ minutes” option

Q: How do I set the channel on my clicker?

A: Visit the following online tutorials to learn more about the clicker pad

TurningPoint Clicker Student Guides

Q: How do I change the receiver channel?

A: See the following instructions:

Changing Receiver Channel

Q: How do I know what receiver channel to use?

A: Receivers have a range of 250 feet and will interfere with other receivers on the same channel within their range.  Many ClassTech supported classrooms have been assigned a channel to mitigate this interference.  Before you apply a channel to a receiver in your office or other learning space in a building with classroom spaces., please check this link.