[Guide] Winslow Hall Conference Room

Audio-Conferencing without powering up the A/V system

Phone Selection

The room comes equipped with phone conferencing capabilities.

This picture shows the start page on the touch panel, where you can either power up the A/V System, or access the audio-conferencing system directly. Simply press the “Phone Controls” button at the top right on this screen to bypass powering up the main system. This allows a user to place phone calls.





This picture shows the user interface to make phone calls. You can control the output volume from this screen.




Local computer login & wireless presenter

Wireless_PresenterLocal Login and Wireless Presenter

Guest presenters can use the local account to login the computer.
User name: .\classtech
Password: classtech

Wireless Presenter is located in the credenza’s drawer underneath the computer.

Also located in the drawer are spare rechargeable batteries and a battery recharger. The quick battery charger will fully recharge the batteries in 15 minutes.


A/V technology: getting started and the basics

When you first enter the room, the system will likely be in it’s Standby state. To turn on the system, simply touch the panel, and swipe left or right.

Now that the system is fired up, let’s go through the various input/display options.

The first screen you will come across is the Default Input selection page.

This is where you make your selection on which input you would like to display to the projector, set volume levels for audio from those inputs (Youtube, Music, etc.), amongst other various options discussed below.



Desktop PC Selection

The room comes equipped with a desktop PC located in the credenza. See above for local computer login.


Podium Laptop Selection

The cables at the lectern allow for laptops to be displayed using an analog connection (VGA), or digital connection (HDMI, or Mini DisplayPort).

Mini DisplayPort – most Apple laptops will have this connection, as well as some Windows based manufacturers (Dell, Lenovo, etc.). This allows for direct connection versus the need for an adapter!

If using one of the digital connectors, audio will be sent down this same cable. You may have to set the audio output to be this cable versus the local speakers on the laptop.


Wireless Laptop Selection

The room comes equipped with an AppleTV for wireless connectivity. Most Apple products will connect seamlessly with the AppleTV, with the only exception being older model laptops, phones, and iPads. For help with AirPlay, please contact ClassTech (classtech@ncsu.edu).

There is also a software package that can be installed ($8 licenese fee) to allow Windows based laptops to connect. This software is called AirParrot, and should be installed and configured prior to wanting to make use of wireless a/v in the room.


Phone Selection

The room comes equipped with phone conferencing capabilities. You can dial out to a remote party, or someone can call into the room.


Room Controls

From this screen, you will be able to turn the Projector On/Off, as well as raise or lower the projector screen.

These options are for cases where you want to make use of the audio conferencing capability of the room, but do not have a need to keep the projector powered up.


Automatic Power-Off (Shut Down)

The system is programmed to include a 2-hour automatic shutdown. This feature is triggered if the system does not detect a video signal for 2 hours, or if the source has not changed in that period (from PC, etc.).

The touch panel will prompt the user that the system is powering down in “2 Minutes”, unless the user presses the “No” button.

This is a fail safe for when users exit the room without powering down the A/V gear.


Powering the System Off

To power off the system,  press the top right [physical] button the touch panel (looks like the typical power off/on button). You can also use the Power Off button at the bottom right of the touch panel.

You wil get a confirmation page, shown on right, just in case the power button was mistakenly pressed.

You will see a ‘Cooldown Page’ appear after selecting ‘Yes’. After the time elapses, the system is off and ready for the next meeting!