Fall 2020 Classroom Capture Updates

In an effort to prepare the campus for the reality of opening in the age of COVID, the Classroom Capture Initiative was launched. Its purpose is to update the technology in 110 classrooms so that content capture is available to all faculty who will lecture on campus. 


A partnership between DELTA and OIT facilitated the effort, with input from the colleges on their current technology deployments. Communications have gone out to faculty, as well as other stakeholders, in an effort to disseminate the information as broadly as possible. On August 4, 2020, ClassTech hosted a Virtual Orientation to bring faculty who are lecturing in their supported spaces up to speed on these new developments.


Below, you will find the core information related to this initiative.


Resources (documents and webpages)

Classroom Capture Deployment

  • The status of technology deployment for campus classrooms
    • If a classroom row is Green, you can use this space to conduct a practice capture using Record Now
  • Includes updates on the installation of:
    • Capture hardware, cameras, and microphones
  • Which classrooms do not currently have courses scheduled in them

Classroom Capture FAQ

  • Answers to questions fielded during the Virtual Orientation

Virtual Orientation Meeting – Google Slide Deck

  • Google slide deck utilized during the Virtual Orientation

Knowledge Base Article: Lecture Capture

Knowledge Base Article: Zoom & Document Camera Selection

Campus Building Liaisons



Video Resources

ClassTech Virtual Orientation

  • The Zoom recording from the Virtual Orientation with faculty

COVID Classroom Environments

Microphone Proper Use

Touch Interactions with Capture



COVID Classroom Environments

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VIDEO: Microphone Use for Capture

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VIDEO: Touch Panel Interactions

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