Turning Point in the Classroom

  • If you intend to use clickers in your class, please make sure to place a clicker order with the NC State Bookstore, just as you do for your textbook orders for classes. This ensures there are enough clickers available for your students to purchase. Please note, students using ResponseWare do NOT need to purchase a clicker from the bookstore.
  • Click here for a listing of ClassTech supported spaces that have a TurningPoint receiver installed in the provided lectern PC. The channels are also listed there. You can also navigate to go.ncsu.edu/classtech to see the clicker channel as well as a listing of equipment available in the space.
  • To learn about integrating TurningPoint with Moodle, please click here.
  • Vice Chancellor for OIT Marc Hoit announced in May 2009 that Turning Technologies classroom response systems have been chosen as NC State’s standard “clickers” for classroom use. In general, Turning Technologies clicker devices will be purchased and maintained by students. If faculty and departments choose to use a different clicker technology in their classes, they will be expected to provide clikcers for students to use. For more information about this decision, see the memorandum to deans, directors, and department heads.