Mediasite Record Now

Record Now allows users of a Mediasite-equipped classroom to instantly record outside of regularly-scheduled course time.  Record Now automatically begins the recording and publishes to the user’s My Mediasite catalog.  Contact DELTA or refer to their knowledge base for assistance setting up and using your My Mediasite account.

Note: Record Now is intended for infrequent ad hoc recordings, not for recording an entire course.

To Start a Recording

  • Power on the A/V system in the classroom, and log into the lectern PC.
  • Double-click the “Mediasite Record Now” icon on the desktop of the lectern PC, and log into the Record Now manager using your unity credentials.

  • Name your recording, and provide a duration.  The default duration is 60 minutes, and the maximum is 180 minutes (3 hours).  The recording will automatically stop after that time has elapsed.
    • Note: Record Now will not allow a recording that interferes with a previously scheduled recording.

  • Click “Begin Recording”.  The recording should automatically start within 15 seconds.  The Record Now manager and the A/V system touch panel in the room will indicate when the recording has begun.
  • From this point on, the recording will function identically to a standard regularly-scheduled one.  The A/V system touch panel can be used to pause or stop the recording, and will provide notice if low audio is detected.
  • You may pause/stop the recording via the Record Now manager or the A/V system touch panel.

To Access the Recording via My Mediasite

  • Once the recording is stopped, it will be automatically uploaded to your My Mediasite catalog.
  • Log into My Mediasite manager.
  • The recording should appear your My Presentations catalog, using the name you provided appended by the recording date.
  • To share your recording with others, refer to DELTA’s knowledge article or contact DELTA for further assistance.